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Made to Crave: Introduction

I knew it was unrealistic to think that this would be done before now. My apologies... but here we go.

I really have no clue what I am doing here, but I think my plan is just to process this one chapter at a time, one personal reflection at a time. In the process I hope my "want to" will come around. I think I will include a couple of quotes from the chapter and my thoughts on them. I really want this to be more of a discussion than a monologue.

Right now I am finding veggies absolutely repulsive, unless someone else makes them. I need to somehow push through and get them into my system despite the nausea.

Made to Crave: Introduction

Did anyone else find this an incredibly full introduction? I mean it was full of Scriptural truths that could be applied right now and many that made my head hang in shame.

I'm reading on a Kindle, so I'm not certain of the pages, I'm only going by what this thing says.

Pg. 11 : Location 46

"While I stood there looking at the healthy eating book, a shopping cart full of things I felt I could not live without stared back at me. Indeed, that cart mocked me. Part of me hated the junk food in that cart; but another part of me - a bigger part, evidently - loved the junk food in that cart. So, I'd return the book to the shelf, toss my head back, and think, 'Another day, another time. I'm doing the best I can.'"

How many times I've had this exact same scenario is shameful. I've been on more diets than I can possibly count - some of the more successful ones a couple of times. And when the going gets tough, I quit. When the goal seems too far away, I fail for despair.

Pg. 12 : Location 57

"I'm a simple Jesus girl on a journey to finding deeper motivation than just a number on my scale for getting and staying healthy."

I am also on this same journey for deeper motivation than just my weight. My health has become increasingly important to me. I want my eating to bring glory to God - 1 Corinthians 10:31. It seems to me that as much as the Lord has blessed me with these children, I should do my very best to stay healthy so that I may live my days fully and to His glory.

Pg. 12 : Location 68

"... or perhaps it was because I had exhausted my search for the miraculous overnight solution. I finally realized the weight was going to continue to go up unless I made changes."

She is singing my song here. I think I have always wanted the miraculous overnight solution. Anything other than that is just plain difficult.  And I'm not sure why I have never realized this or cared enough to take the time to think about it, but it is my reality. I have to make some changes.

Pg. 13 : Location 75

"I need treats as a comfort in this season of life; I'll deal with my issues later."

and further down that page

"Oh, for heaven's sake, everyone has issues. So what if this is mine?"

Why do I lie to myself. Jesus needs to be my comfort - not treats. And what if later never comes? And why am I worried about anyone else's issues? This is my issue and I need to think about it and do something about it.

Pg. 13: Location 87

She goes on to talk about a cycle of "making excuses, giving in, feeling guilty, resolving to do better, mentally beating myself up for not sticking to my resolve, feeling like a failure, and then resigning myself to the fact that things can't change."

Has anyone else gone through this cycle? Surely so. I'm certain that Satan is having a field day in a cycle like that - a definite foothold in our lives.

Pg. 14 : Location 94

She refers to this book as a "companion you've needed with every healthy eating plan you tried and cried over."

This is a companion. Not another diet. Not another way of eating. There are plenty of those out there to choose from - some of them better than others. My personal preference is Weight Watchers because when you work it, it works. With their 2012 Point Plus program it is even more revved up and stocked full of nutrition and practical living.

She also goes on to talk about how we are overweight physically but underweight spiritually. I believe this to be very true no matter where we are in our walk with the Lord. We are obviously crying out for something besides Jesus - and we are reaching into the refrigerator to get it.

She relates our desire for abundance in food to the rich man who didn't want to give up all he had to follow Jesus.

We are who we are in Christ because He saved us by grace alone. We already belong to Him, but sometimes we just can't get our head around that. That's our position but we have a hard time stepping into it fully and understanding that He really is capable of meeting all of our needs. A lot of times I think that has more to do with the fact that we don't WANT to put off our old self. We kind of like our old ways, our sins, and keeping them around is okay with us.

Pg 16 : Location 126

"God made us capable of craving so we'd have an unquenchable desire for more of Him, and Him alone. Nothing changes until we make the choice to redirect our misguided cravings to the only one capable of satisfying them."

We should have no other gods besides Him and that includes us and our desires.

She goes on to talk about how getting healthy isn't just about the scale. It's about recalibrating our souls in three areas - spiritually, physically, and mentally. It's a battle.

She recommends going to the doctor to have a full check-up prior to starting a new healthy way of eating. Has anyone done this? I never have. Shame on me. Ha. 

Pg. 18 : Location 158

"I am made to rise up, do battle with my issues and, using the Lord's strength in me, defeat them - spiritually, physically, and mentally - to the glory of God.

Amen and amen. Not much to add to this. It's true and inspiring.

So are you ready to have your truest cravings satisfied and break free from the other stuff? Let's go!
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