Monday, February 6, 2012

Made to Crave: Blog Book "Club"

So while I am starting this pregnancy out in the obese category, I still desire to make this my most healthy pregnancy yet!

During my first pregnancy, I was my skinniest - like almost underweight kind of skinny. And yet that was not my healthiest pregnancy. It was my easiest to get the extra weight off, but I wasn't making healthy choices. The only "hard thing" I did during that pregnancy was to give up caffeine.

I started my healthful journey (this time around :@/ ) just a few weeks ago. I plan to continue eating in the same healthy manner that has brought me much energy over the last few weeks - throughout my pregnancy. I'm getting plenty of calories and nutrients because what I am eating is just plain good for you food - mostly God made food. You only go wrong there if you eat too much of it.

Since I'm still in the obese category, I only need to gain 11-15 pounds. I'll tell you - that is only possible if you are choosing wisely what you eat and allowing your body to feed the baby off the current excess for a time. I only get hungry when it is time to eat and I don't stay hungry, because I eat.

Basically this is me saying that "I'm smart enough to know how to feed my baby healthfully throughout pregnancy, so please do not worry about me or post any finger wagging comments, etc". *cheeky grin*

Originally I was going to start an email book club of sorts using the book Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst. This was before I found out I was pregnant. Later in the day, after making that announcement, I had a brain poof and thought "what I am thinking adding something like that to my plate" so I emailed everyone back and told them of the following plan.

Instead I'm going to do the same type of thing here, on my blog.

Here's the plan:

19 chapters - one per week
5 study questions - one per day

I would love to post on Mondays, but I make no guarantees and the study questions will follow one per day based on when I actually post about the chapter. Again, no promises.

I would love for you to read along with me and make comments about your thoughts on the chapter and study questions.

Here are links of where you can find the book: AmazonKindleAbe booksB&N (& Nook) (you want the plain 'ole book). I have the devotional, and I will probably use it, but it's not a necessary part of this blog book club.

First up is the introduction, then chapter 1. There are no study questions in the introduction, but I don't want to drag this out for 20 weeks - that's half my pregnancy, but again, no promises.

Ideally I would post for the Introduction and Chapter 1 today, but Mondays are always busy, so let's just see what happens. That would require me to read both chapters and make 2 posts on a busy day (after already posting twice). Not looking likely. So we will move into this slowly, realistically.

What about you: Who's with me?

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Brandi in TX said...

I'm with you and looking forward to it!

Lynda said...

Count me in!


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