Monday, March 14, 2011

Christmas gifts done... for 2010

Finally. Finished. I decided to make these stockings for my sister and her fiance for their first Christmas together after getting married. That would be Christmas 2011. I got into my annual sewing fest and then Noelle came. I had not finished the stockings when everyone was over for Christmas. I gave them a sneak peak instead. Then I had surgery... Then I stitched them and they were messed up. Then I decided to do them differently than the pattern recommended because frankly the pattern was just goofy and there is no reason that the inside of a stocking needs to have perfect seams. I made a Power of 10 list and this was 2nd on the list. More about the Power of 10 list later. *I finally blogged about here*

So, I finished these up last night and I am so glad they are done. I can now given them to Brady and the future Mrs. Davidson (Kimbo) without guilt that they may have their first Christmas stocking-less. A good friend at church did the embroidery for me. Isn't it beautiful. It's GOLD thread!! The back fabric has the names of Jesus. It is really really nice!

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Kim said...

LOVE IT!!!! Thank you sis! Love you and your talented sewing projects :)

Blessed beyond a doubt.. said...

Beautiful! I made our stockings from scratch like a crazy woman who has no sewing experience.

Latte-n-Libre said...

Love the stockings. They are just beautiful and what an incredible start of A Christmas collection that reflects the true meaning of the holiday.


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