Sunday, March 13, 2011

WB #1 - Insights Through Investigation: Missionary Letter

There seem to be many opportunities for writing when it comes to some of the suggestions on projects for the Wisdom Booklets. That's great because we need more writing opportunities. Hmm, we need more writing. Ha. One of the projects my children did this week was to write to a missionary. My good friend, Jill, had sent me a list from a missionary board that had missionaries from Texas and the people groups they were serving. That really sparked an interest with them because we are from Texas and there was a connection there. I had them read over the documentation that was sent as to how they should be careful what they wrote and not use certain words. Those words are flagged by some government officials. Paige felt like she was in the middle of a mystery novel. They had to write out their email on paper and then we did some editing. Then they typed it up. What a great project. Hopefully they will hear back from the missionaries they wrote. If nothing comes of it, my children are praying for the missionary families and that is a "God" thing. Get it? Good thing. God thing. Get it?

Yap, time to sign off... :)

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themcvays said...

We sponsor a missionary through and he writes us 4x year and we can write to him. You may look into this, we just started. :)


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