Saturday, March 19, 2011

National Quilting Day

Today, March 19th, is apparently National Quilting Day. Am I quilting? No, not really. I did press the first set of blocks in my next big project. Completed my 3 hours on that project and now I am moving to something different - a block for one of the guild members and a co-member of my Needles Birthday Block Club (this is a club where you each person picks a block/fabric, etc. that they want made for their month. You make that block and turn it in. At the end of the guild year, you will have 11 completed blocks plus your own to sew into a quilt). But, I digress...

No, I'm not really quilting today. Instead, I have:
  1. attended a board meeting for co-op.
  2. made salsa for my son's student leadership development event this afternoon.
  3. researched and found a recipe for making your own starch (similar to Mary Ellen's Best Press, which I love).
  4. asked hubby, via text, to buy a small bottle of vodka for above starch - to which he quickly responded via phone to make sure of my purpose for the vodka. Haha.
  5. made above starch using vodka, boiled water, and lemon essential oil. Will post recipe and results later.
  6. and contemplated decluttering sessions in lieu of the painting that needs to be done. 
Productive day? Sort of. But I'm not quilting. Although after a 45 minute session of decluttering I believe I'll bust out the 30s fabric and make that block!

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