Monday, April 18, 2011

Power of Ten

Power of 10

1. Valentines table runner (3 hours + 1 hour)
2. Kimbo's stocking
3. Kimbo's quilt
4. Watercolor wall hanging
5. Landon quilt
6. Brason quilt
7. Paige quilt
8. Christian quilt
9. Family tree wall hanging
10. Summer bouquet quilt

Finally - my post about the Power of 10. The Power of Ten, as it relates to quilting, was introduced to me at one of our monthly quilt guild meetings. The concept was really interesting to me because I had heard so many of the ladies talk about all they got done on their Power of 10 list. Our guild got the idea from a local quilt shop - Texas Quiltworks...

  1. First, simply find the projects that you are no longer interested in completing and pass them on to someone who would love it as much as you once did. 
  2. Second, list “10” projects that you would like to complete. Now remember “Only 10” projects are to be on the list. 
  3. Third, begin working on the projects on the list and spend three hours toward completing it. 
  4. Fourth, keep a list of projects and the hours worked.
  5. Fifth, once three hours are spent on a project move to the next.  A quilter's interest wanes and is usually spent after three hours. Now if a project requires two to four hours it doesn't matter.  Simply finish the project.  Feel good about finishing it.   
  6. Sixth, find another project and add it to the list. Remember, only Ten Projects are your focus. 
  7. Seventh, continue to rotate the projects you are working on. 
  8. Eighth step is to list the supplies needed to finish your projects. 
  9. Ninth would be to shop at Texas Quiltworks for items to finish your projects. 
  10. …and Tenth,  the ‘Power of Ten‘ becomes reality when you are able to share your project.  Be sure to stop by and share your quilt with our staff. 
I'm not much of a fabric stasher. I love fabric, but I don't buy a whole lot of fabric. There are a couple of reasons for this. 1) I don't have a place to keep a bunch of fabric 2) I don't have money to spend on random fabric purchases that I'm not sure when I will use 3) I'm afraid I won't buy enough of a particular fabric and when I go to use it, I will need more. Then I would end up stressing out over not having identical fabric and needing it. I'm what quilters would call a "project purchaser". I'm okay with this title... It doesn't hurt my feelings. :) Now, if I fall madly in love with a fabric and have the resources to purchase it (recently I was gifted with quilt gift cards for my birthday), then I will purchase a yard or a fat quarter of it.

Ultimately my purpose in starting the Power of 10 wasn't to allow myself to purchase more fabric, but was to get back to some of those projects that I wanted to do and even started in some cases, but never seemed to get back to.

I printed out my list and have it posted on my wall. I have penciled in various projects that I have completed that weren't part of my Power of 10 but that needed to get done. I'm going to post those pics next.

Go to the Texas Quiltworks website above and search power of 10 and two articles will come up for you to read in full. My opinion is that it is a great system for getting some things done. It can easily transfer into any project that you have - hobby or otherwise - sewing, knitting, crafting, preparation for Christmas, painting (haha). :)

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