Tuesday, April 19, 2011

some pictures of my recent quilting projects

I mentioned in my last post that I had accomplished some things related to quilting that weren't on my Power of 10 list. A few of those things were Birthday Club blocks or Block of the Month blocks for my fellow guild members. Here's how this works: guild members can sign up for the beginner group or the advanced group - both or none at all. When you sign up you pick a month that you want other's to make your block. You can give them the fabric, the color choices, the pattern or any combination of those - they make the block for you. Looking back I wish I would have chosen something different than I did because I'd prefer something more scrappy. I have no idea what I will actually get back and if I will be able to use them together in a quilt. The colors I picked out were turquoise (or teal) and cherry red - but that is up for interpretation and I'm not sure if I like that quiet yet. We'll see.

But it is fun to try out things that I haven't done before or color combinations that I would never personally choose. Here are some of the recent ones I have done.

This is for our Jr. Guild member, Erica. She provided the zebra fabric and asked that we make a block with any pattern using bright pink and lime green. Do these colors look familiar to some of you from way back?! We called them Hot Pink and Neon Green! Did you have socks like this that you alternated? Or earrings?

This is a log cabin made with  pale green and yellow. You can't tell in this picture but the two bottom green rows really are different prints of fabric. These were scraps I had and some that I got from other members. The member requested the colors and pattern.

This guild member is also the coordinator for the beginner groups (there were actually 2 this year - the Pins and Needles). She provided the theme fabric you see in the middle and corners and the others are from my scraps. I used the Antique Tile block pattern that I found on Quilter's Cache because she gave us the choice of what pattern to make.  You simply must check out this website - amazing resource.

This is my good friend Jill. She asked me finish the binding on this baby quilt that she had started for her daughter, The Princess. She was having trouble with the slick material going through her machine. I had never worked with this material before so I didn't know what would happen. It worked. It's not great but it is finished and I was glad to help her as she has been such a blessing to me this past year.

This is the front of the notebook I made to house all the patterns for the Block of the Month I am now in with our local quilt shop - Two Sisters Quilt Shoppe. It's called Wildflower Rhapsody and I absolutely LOVE IT! It's lavender, pink, and brown with lots of flowers. I just love love love it!

Now, this may seem like a lot in a short amount of time. You are likely wondering how in the world I got all of this done with 6 children. This has actually been spread out over a couple of months and was just a little here and a little there. I just happened to pull all the pictures together today. I've done a few more of the Birthday Club blocks for quilt guild but the pics are deep deep in my phone somewhere. I'll add to this post if I come across them someday and remember that I did, indeed, post about any of this.

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Patti said...

WOW! You are a quilting machine! That Power of 10 plan sure seems to be working for you!

I have only recently really been learning about quilting and am astounded by the variety of artistic expression it allows. You have a beautiful sens of color and shape, Christine.


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