Monday, April 18, 2011

living room/dining room/school room is almost done!

This process has been an extremely long one. I definitely did not anticipate it taking quite this long to get to the "we are almost done" stage. The only things left to do are:

  1. organize mama/teacher bookcase
  2. purge some of the picture books and put them back in their dishpans
  3. buy and build decor items
I want to be a process person. So not there yet - motherhood and quilting are helping me work on that.

I love the color. I didn't think I would but Big P was right and as soon as the bookshelves were in, the place warmed right up. Oh, I also have to buy some window cleaner - that mirror above the mantle looks horrid. LOL Apparently you just can't improvise and swap out cleaners. Who would've thought? I could just mix up some vinegar and water and spray. Honestly I'm not going to do that. Just sayin...

Anywhoo - here are pics of the dining room/school room portion of the big huge room. I'll take pictures of the other side when it is cleaned. :)

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Patti said...

Looking nice! Warm and inviting with all those lovely books lining the walls. Ahhhh... :-)


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