Saturday, February 7, 2009

Narrowing Down the Choices

I wanted to give a quick update on where we are on this process of narrowing down curriculum. Below are the results from another awesome chart that Mrs. Duffy put into the 100 Top Picks book based on our educational philosophy. I put them into a new chart that I could use as a book mark as I read the reviews in the book. I love that this is a whole process because I can't imagine reading every review, since so many of them wouldn't work for our children or our family dynamics.

I skipped phonics at this time, because we already own our Kindergarten curriculum and I didn't feel this was a pressing need.

Also, some of these picks are for one child or another and not necessarily both. Since C.13.B. will be in 8th grade next year, we are moving to more independent study for some subjects.

And lastly, we already have a foreign language that we love - Rosetta Stone - which happened to meet all of the criteria for our learning styles and family.

Well, I guess that was almost lastly - we are currently using My Father's World, which happens to use a lot of the recommended resources for our family, in a scheduled format.

Okay, really lastly, Mrs. Duffy has updated some of her top picks information as well as added other reviews on her website, which include Teaching Textbooks and the Young Explorers Series from Apologia, both of which we are seriously considering.

Reading and Literature
Progeny Press Novel Study Guides
Total Language Plus Novel Study Guides
Stobaugh’s Literature Series

MCP Math
Algebra Classmate
Chalk Dust
Keyboard Enterprises Algebra
Saxon Math 54 and up
Videotext Algebra

Language Arts: Grammar and Composition

Building Christian English
Easy Grammar
English for the Thoughtful Child
Format Writing
Institute for Excellence in Writing
Winston Grammar
Wordsmith Series
Writing with a Point

Language Arts: Spelling and Vocabulary
English from the Roots
Spelling Power
Vocabulary from Classical Roots

History/Social Studies
Genevieve Foster series
Guerber History Series
Mystery of History
The Story of the World with Study Guide
TruthQuest History
Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide

Backyard Scientist Series
Exploring Creation Science Series (apologia)
Media Angels Science
Rainbow Science
Stratton House Home Science Adventures
TOPS Science

Unit studies:
Five in a Row
Tapestry of Grace
A World of Adventure
World Views of the Western World

Critical Thinking Company
The Fallacy Detective

I'm comparing these things and also checking out each subject area on Cathy Duffy's website for additional options. Although this may seem like an overwhelming list, I'm so excited that we are homeschooling in a time where there are options besides Abeka and ACE. How blessed we are that we are not pinned down to one particular curriculum because of the freedom that we have to homeschool. Freedoms that have been purchased at a price by our seasoned homeschool parents - thank you for those sacrifices you made to stand up for Christ to bring a freedom back that was a norm at one time. Thank you!



NaomiLynne said...

great layouts!You are a speed digi scrapper for sure! Congrats on the new CT! Sounds like fun. Can you send me links so I can see your stuff where ever it is?

Are you coming to the CHAT valentine party on friday? I hope so!

alamama said...

Looks like you've got some good choices. We LOVE Math-U-See! I have our list too.


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