Monday, February 9, 2009

Lots happening here

We have lots going on here, as usual! But, today was a restful day to gear up for tomorrow and the rest of the week. Started laundry tonight. I don't think I've mentioned on here about my plan for laundry. This is our 4th week to do laundry this way and I'm still loving it. What do they say about doing something that you really just can't stand doing? Eat the frog! Well, I eat the frog every Monday with my laundry. I do laundry all day on Monday so that I don't have to touch it for the rest of the week. I can't say that the once a week thing is helping in any other area (i.e. cleaning the house), so I'm going to have to go back to another system for that. But, for laundry - it is working!

And I'm on a new Creative Team! My friend Brandi sent me a link to Simply Susan Godfrey's blog and mentioned that she was having a CT Call. I immediately loved what I saw. Her designs were beautiful, but better still - she's a Christian woman! She sells at several different stores, including Faith Sisters, which is a Christian digital scrapbook site. She checked out my gallery and immediately invited me to be on her CT! Wow!!! Susan is a kindred spirit. Found her on Facebook, too.

Ahhh, facebook. Gee! As if I don't have enough things that I'm highly addicted to my sweet hubby tells me to check out facebook. Before I know it, I have 40 friends on there! Mostly friends from high school and some from church. It's so nice to catch up with people and see what is happening in their lives, but I have to say that it is one of those things that I will most definitely need to say "no" to at times.

Our homeschool valentine's party is this Friday. I'm heading that up with lots of help from all the moms! Should be a wonderful time for us and our children!

Spent an awesome weekend with my Big P. My mother-in-love asked to keep the 4 olders after Bible study on thursday night through Saturday afternoon. Wow! She asked!! We immediately took her up on the offer and enjoyed a wonderful time together just doing what we do - stuff! We did buy a nice bed on Friday though. Something we wouldn't have attempted with the rest of the children. They will deliver that on Friday and neither of us can wait!! I got some really nice pillows, which will come Friday also. Oooooh, that means I get to go shopping for new sheets, because we moved up to a King. We said we never would. We lied! But really its because someone is always in bed with us. No, none of our children actually sleep with us but sometimes they end up there in the middle of the night. Baby A is in a co-sleeper next to our bed, so he does end up with us at night - every night. We'll go back down to a full when we don't have any more little ones. How sad we will be! :(

I started scanning more pictures for my parents album tonight. Got 3 more years in! I've decided that I'm just going to finish scanning everything in before I make any more LOs. Eating the frog... eating the frog! That scanning bit is almost torturish!

Still working through all the curriculum choices. I've made a couple of decisions and will share those soon.

And for those that enjoy this kind of thing, my most recent LOs:


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