Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Whole Lot of Nuttin' Kind of Day

That's about what I feel like I accomplished today! Did a little of this and a little of that. Didn't feel bad or anything, just felt a little unmotivated today I guess. The kids likely felt the same way as they were asking for the day off school. They will do school on Friday instead.

Got some chore cards printed to start the chore system back up. I have been lax about it and the house shows it! I had bought the chore card system from Molly at and really wanted to implement it, just haven't.

So, I sat down today and started printing some off. Then I bought the Mom chore set. It's $2.50, so if it helps me at all, it will be worht it. She is so wonderful and even created a couple of cards that weren't in the kit, just for me! Wasn't that sweet?! She has wonderful freebies on there, as well, so check them out.

The kids played outside so much today - 3 times. They only complained about the heat once. Big P nipped that in the bud really quick, so no more complaints after that.

They just played and played and played! It was so cool and it reminded me once again, why I love the cooler weather so much - everyone is happier. I wonder if we could afford to get a summer home up North - way north! LOL Yea, right! We might be able to shuck up enough money to get an acre of land and plop our pop-up camper on it - but Big P can't take 3 months off his job! LOL He has a nice vacation package, but not that nice! Believe me, I've proposed the idea before.

And so we played around most of the day. Doin' nuttin'.

B.3.5.B. become facinated with some grasshoppers the kids caught in my canning jars. He carried those little critters around with him all day. He told me they were his "friends". It was precious!!! They got dropped a couple of times, which seemed to send the little things into a tizzy. And then he would say "they scared". Yea!!! How would you feel if someone stuck you inside a cylinder and sloshed you around all day! And then stuck their face up to check you out and shook some more.

We were able to free his "friends" tonight when he went to bed. I'm sure he'll get up asking for them tomorrow and they might have to catch some new ones. Using the same jars, of course, that have now been "labeled" the bug jars (and lids, and rings).

He got some ant bites today and tonight his little foot was swollen and a bit bluish. It was on top and didn't bother him until someone touched it. I gave him some benedryl and he was out.

Landon pooped in the tub, so the tub had to be cleaned (again!) and all the tub toys washed.

And tonight, after a pretty lazy day, the big kids and I got to sit down and watch Sugar Creek Gang on DVD- the first episode. They crashed and this mama is about to.

I'll have a more productive day tomorrow, I just needed a nuttin' kind of day! They sure are nice when we take them now and then. :)

Joyfully busy (sometimes!) at home,


Daddy said...

Glad you got to have some rest for your brain today. Just so you know, thank you again for willing to stay at home with our children, I know they will never forget that. Makes me feel better that someone that loves them as much or more than I do is with them while I am at work. Make sure you tell everyone that B.3.5.B loves to call his friends "hoppers".

Grandma Jones said...

Glad you all took a break. That is too funny about the grasshoppers. Awe, his friends.

Love you,
Grandma Jones


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