Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm Expecting Great and Mighty Things

Yes, we are expecting!!!

This is not your "typical" pregnancy, though! All of my babies have been miracle babies. Just seeing how God creates a life within you and makes a path for that life to come out, is simply amazing to me!! It is pure evidence that our God is real and designed us so wonderfully!

C.11.5.B is a miracle, because had it been "my way", I would have picked a different time in my life to find out I was pregnant other than the day after high school graduation. He has turned out to be an incredible kiddo with a love for life that sparks us all!

P.8.G. is a miracle because after Big P and I got married and decided we wanted more children, we tried and tried for 9 months before she was conceived. We had pretty much given up on having anymore. I'm glad we were wrong. She has been the creative little firecracker that kept me interested in so much all these years.

B.3.5.B is a miracle because after P.8.G., Big P had a vasectomy and then a reversal a couple of years later. Although we were following in obedience to God, I never thought that He was going to bless us so soon - what a treasured gift. Now, you want to talk about keeping us on our toes, little B does it everyday! :) He is such a little love bug. He loves to rub my face and say "mama soft" and "I play with your hair". It's just precious! Oh what we would have missed out on.

L.1.5.B. is another little reversal miracle. I've heard stories of people who had reversals and conceived and then it reversed itself back and they were never able to conceive again. In a way, I feared this for us, even though I knew God was in control. And what a sweet little boy he is, another love bug, who loves to tickle and get tickled, and play peek a boo and love on his playmate B. He is also still my little nursling!

Then in April I had a miscarriage after just finding out we were expecting. I was so torn questioning God as to what happened. He said "trust me, I love you". As inquisitive as I am (I'm 100% positive God made me this way!), I immediately began seeking physiological answers for my miscarriage. I found that I had low progesterone.

We were still trusting the Lord for our children and I began to feel in my spirit that I was expecting. Of course, that early on a pregnancy test would not show up positive. But, I ignored any embarrassment that I may potentially have if I wasn't and called our family doctor. He knew about the miscarriage and that I had linked it to the progesterone. He said that he would get me in that next morning. He is also a believer and very much pro-life and didn't want to see me lose another baby.

That morning, I woke up and my temperature had dropped. I knew what this meant. I was losing progesterone and quickly! I even had the fleeting thought that I would skip the appointment because it was pointless. He was going to give me a shot of progesterone and we were going to try to save this baby.

I got there and he felt horrible - they had run out of intramuscular progesterone! They ran a urine test and got a negative - I told them they would. They drew blood to run hcg and progesterone. And he wrote me a prescription for oral progesterone and I was to continue using the Arbonne Prolief cream.

I started taking it as soon as the pharmacy handed it to me.

I got home and started bleeding, I realize that 1) it was too late or 2) maybe I wasn't pregnant, even though I just knew that I was.

The light bleeding continued for about 36 hours. The cramping wasn't as bad as the time before and I continued to pray for this baby. But through it, I had peace. Not like I thought that I wasn't going to lose the baby, I knew that I probably would. But, I had peace that God was there with me the whole time. And I knew that my baby would see a side of heaven that I have only dreamt of. At this point, the Dr. had called in intramuscular progesterone for me. I took a pregnancy test and got a light blue line.

All of a sudden the bleeding stopped!

Well, it was at that point that I realized that I was indeed pregnant! I prayed hard and had friends and family praying for me. Big P had been working from home the whole time as I laid on the couch fighting a cold and a miscarriage. What a blessing that was!!!

I (or should I say, Big P) started doing the shots.

A couple of days later, I took another pregnancy test and the line was dark blue! I hadn't lost the baby.

We got the results back from my blood work. My progesterone was 7, I was INDEED going to lose the baby without a miracle. Oh, and the hcg test came back that I was pregnant - very very early pregnant.

I have continued on the shots twice per week now and had my blood checked last week and are you ready for this??? My progesterone was up to 22!!!!!!! Praise God!!!!!! My hcg was up, too, indicating that this was a pregnancy headed in the right direction.

Now, would anyone doubt that I'm holding yet another miracle in my womb?! I should say not! God has a story to tell, we just need to make sure that we are LISTENING!!

Joyfully busy at home,


Latte-n-Libre said...

I am so excited for your family. It is so exciting to have another miracle in your life. I will be praying for you, your little miracle and your family. Love you girl! b

Becca said...

Congratulations, Christine! I will be praying for this new sweet one for you! God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!



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