Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Little Glimpse of Autumn

Yesterday afternoon as Big P was getting ready to take the kids to the park (after both of them had to cancel horse and guitar lessons) I walked outside to see how torturous it was. Now, I haven't complained here too much about how I dislike the summer in Texas, but believe me, everyone else knows.

I think I might have been spoiled a little bit this year, because we had such a short summer. With all the rains we got at the beginning of the summer, and now, fall seems to be coming a little early, I don't k now what to think - except to be very Thankful and Praise the Lord!!! For He truly knows the desires of my heart.

My best girlfriend sent me a card the other day. She had stamped it and it said, Let It Snow. I thought she was cleaning out her scrapbook stuff and found a card that she had forgotten to send me. Then I realized that it was just her being funny - and trying to make me feel better.

Of course, she and her family seem to think that 110 degrees is the time to be outside enjoying the good 'ole sun. They must like to sweat their pants off! I tease her with things like when it is really cold outside, she could just park her chair in front of their open oven and she'd feel like she was really living a Texas summer - which is exactly what it feels like!!!

Of course, she thinks 55 degrees is some sort of of blizzard and that's my time!!!! I love that weather. My favorite temp has to be 72 degrees!! I just don't think it gets much better than that.

It's going to be 82 today, which is still a walk in the park compared to a normal Texas summer day. I just may go outside and enjoy it, too.

The kids had a blast yesterday playing at the park. Of course, it seemed to be a day of trouble for B.3.5.B. He ran from Daddy and ended up parked right beside him on the park bench almost the whole time they were there.

I should have had an idea of the direction of the day when I had to clean super glue from his body that morning! Can you imagine me going to walmart with my 3.5 year old - fingers sticking together and his lip glued to his cheek????

No, it wasn't quite that bad, he had it on his arm, his fingers, toes, and my hand! It has pretty much worn off now. In case this ever happens to you - SURELY THIS HAS HAPPENED TO SOMEONE ELSE ??- just throw them in the shower very quickly - like while it is still wet - and hose them down. Should do the trick.

I got to go to teh Local Scrapbook Store and work on the cover page for our San Francisco album, which was really fun. Just an hour out, and not having to be in the scorching heat was the energy boost I needed. I came home and ironed the rest of Big P's clothes for the week and did some laundry. It was really nice to not be dying of heat exhaustion!!

I love the autumn, winter, and spring - just not a Texas summer!

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Latte-n-Libre said...

The only thing I hate about Texas Summers is Texas summer ELECTRIC bills. Other than that I would take our summers over any cold weather any day. If I want cold weather I will go visit it! Oh and when I mean cold, I mean anything below 50 degrees. I would actually prefer it never get below 60, yet I know it needs to freeze at least a couple of days a year to kill off bugs! Glad you enjoyed the card. luv ya girl. b


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