Saturday, January 7, 2012

Video: Declutter the Spice Cabinet

One mama to another... "What's in your spice cabinet?" Do you even know? My spices were sort of out of control and I had no idea that I had spices in there from 2006. Crazy!! I've been working on an ADD Bootcamp and this was the next project to simplifying my life.

The main idea was to get rid of spices that you don't use or that are old. I got rid of a whole lot of obscure spices that I used once or ones that were way too old to be yummy anymore. Some questions to ask yourself when going through your spice cabinet:

  1. What recipes do I use this in? (off the top of your head, no cheating)
  2. When did I purchase this? If it's older than 1 year (most people say 6 months), I think you should ditch it.
Some ideas for keeping it decluttered:
  • Challenge yourself to use it up by making those recipes.
  • If you aren't ready to throw it out, write today's date on it and store it near the others (maybe an empty drawer because you've decluttered so much you actually have empty drawers!). As you use something, you've earned the right to put it back in the cabinet. Revisit the drawer in 3 months. Chunk what's left.
We buy a lot of our spices at a small Mennonite store that carries large amounts. That makes it very difficult for me to use up everything, but I will be more cautious to buy what I really use.

Here's the video on decluttering the spice cabinet. Hopefully it will inspire or help you.

I'm not sure what area I will do next. Praying about that. I did tackle my craft table today just to declutter it. I took a pic before, but I want to take more of the process, so I'll skip that for now. Maybe I'll show you my prayer closet. See... I think these videos are helping me to tackle one area at a time because I can post them here. Maybe... in my mind, I think someone is actually looking forward to the next video and that prompts me to do it. My desk is a mess... maybe I'll do my desk. We'll see. A surprise! Who doesn't like surprises!

What about you - what's your most used spices? Or if you have decluttered, what's the oldest spice you found?

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Brandi in TX said...

awesome job, I hat to see what I am going to find when I do mine. eek! I somewhat organized them when we moved in August, but I organized chaos more than anything else. lol


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