Monday, January 2, 2012

Sorry for all the posts

As I started seeing a jillion emails fly into my inbox, I realized what had happened - and you probably did, too. I was messing around with my blog yesterday trying to get my signature the right size. Finally got that accomplished, though there isn't an easy way to see it complete until you post. Blogger... are you listening?

Then, running on a simplicity theme here, I decided to combine the blog that I had started - Live Life Uncluttered, with my normal blog. I exported, then imported, and ended up with a kajillion new posts -without a clue that it would email them all to you. I'm sorry to flood your in-boxes and I hope you'll stick with me.

My mom emailed me about my little cleaning/decluttering kick (the kajillion imported posts) and wondered how in the world I completed all of that among Thanksgiving, having gallbladder surgery a few days later, then Noelle's birthday (she's 1 already!!!), and Christmas! Nope, not that ambitious - most of these projects were done in the early fall.

Preparing my post for our 2012 Spiritual Goals. Have a blessed day in the Lord!

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