Thursday, September 29, 2011

Decluttered: Underwear Drawer

I try to cull this area down pretty often, but it was on the plan and I'm following the plan... so I did what I was told to do. Paige has been working on laundry so I had warned her to be looking for randomly placed undergarments (read: underwear that was in a load with other things) so that I could go through it all at the same time and see what we were really dealing with. I really should get a handle on this area and put all my undergarments together or something, but I don't - and probably won't.

Here's the before (I have strategically blurred the contents to prevent you from viewing things you shouldn't view, while still giving you an idea of volume of contents):

It doesn't seem like there is a whole lot there, but it's really more than we need and there was plenty to get rid of.

Here's the pile I got rid of. Not bad, eh? Pete was really easy to "co-hearse". All I had to do was twist his arm and threaten to not do laundry ask him what he wanted to keep. (seriously, that's all I had to do - ask him!) 

And here's the after (with properly blurred garments):

Now, I will just say that I'm a bit perplexed by Tanja and her list of maximum amounts of items to keep. It made me feel like I was the minimalist in this scenario. Her "good rule of thumb" list includes a maximum of "10 pairs of socks, 5 undershirts, 10 bras, 10 pairs of underwear, and 5 pajamas or nightgowns." Now I'm as behind on laundry as the next lady with 6 kiddos, but seriously? Some minimalists want to only keep 100 items (I'll never be this extreme) and according to this list that would only leave you 60 items to live life on. Hmm.

You will notice a very small amount of socks in the drawer above. I don't wear socks. Even in the winter, I rarely wear socks. I used to wear flip-flops until I realized that I looked extremely odd to everyone else. Hubby works from home and wears boots on Sunday. We share the short socks. I use them when I workout and actually have to wear tennis shoes. And there are more socks than this that just haven't been paired up. I was really feeling against pairing up socks just to go through them and give half of them away. I'll work on that tomorrow as the area to declutter will take me all of 3 seconds. Shoes. I have 4 pair and already know I'm giving away one pair of them because they don't work well when I have to walk to the car on our country driveway.

In fact, I think I'll tackle shoes, socks, and tshirts tomorrow!!!

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Brandi in TX said...

ok, when I ever get to this challenge- right now it feels like this longhorn show will never end. heehee. Love our longhorn shows, but I am so ready to start tackling this!!!! I can't wait to see how I fair when it comes to this particular assignment. I love my socks. I wear at least one pair every day, sometimes two. Oh, make that sometimes three if it is cool and I am sleeping in socks. Hmmm... sounds like someone may have some issues. And I am NOT taking about the undie freaks who are highly disappointed that you blurred your photos ;)


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