Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Systems for Sanity: The Weekly Plan

This won't be news to anyone with a large family, but I'll say it anyway. Kim Benneman of Large Family Logistics blog has written a book with a ton of her years of wisdom and learning; under the same name.

I used to read Kim's blog and then it went away when she was dealing with the premature birth of one of her babies. I never fully implemented her system because I have a hard time reading on the web for long periods of time and I didn't really care for printing out large portions of her blog. I'm a cheapskate with some things.

So glad to have this book. What an incredible investment for our family. I'll save the details for Kim to share with you when you purchase her book, but the jist of it is to have a plan for your week where you are focusing on one area of your home each day. I'm a categorizer by nature so this is perfect for me.

Here is our plan:

Sunday - The Lord's Day
Monday - Laundry Day
Tuesday - Office Day (Planning Day)
Wednesday  - Town Day
Thursday - Kitchen Day
Friday - Cleaning Day/Camping/Field trips
Saturday - Garden/Farm Day

More on each area as we go...

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