Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Systems for Sanity: Kitchen Day: Part 1

Part of the Kitchen Day will be spent focusing on some major kitchen chores. Most of these chores will be weekly and a few of them will be monthly. I sat down with the children this morning and talked about what chores they felt were necessary for a clean kitchen after having made quite a list myself. I was surprised that they actually came up with things I hadn't thought of.

Since creating this file, I have thought of a few more things and added them in pencil (a BIG step for me). I'm including the pdf version and the word version for you to tweak and make your own.

This will look different for you than it does for me. Your husband may have preferences that aren't on our list. You may have preferences that aren't on our list. To each his own - don't get bogged down in looking like someone else.

To start making my home management binder, I printed a sheet with the day of the week and then what area we are focusing on - one for each day/area. Then I am adding things in pencil that I want to accomplish or do that day. I'm printing out chores or meal plans, etc. to go behind each of these days/areas. I can go back and redo things later, make them prettier, update, etc, but the point is to just get them down and in the binder so that we have a reference point to what the week should look like.

When I am feeling like a crazy woman and don't know what "the next thing" is, I can go to the binder and "do the next thing."

When I asked Pete what area he wanted me to focus on, his preference was to streamline meals and meal time. That's what I'm working on so I'm filling in the gaps on my blog in case it is helpful to some of you.

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