Monday, May 2, 2011

Systems for Sanity: Quiet Times: Part 1

I think I'm going to blog my way through the journey that Pete and I are going on. I figure that the Lord is showing us mighty things and they might be helpful to someone else. Please know that this is going to look different for each person and I expect that you will take direction directly from the Lord and not from me. This is just here if you need a little more inspiration after the Holy Spirit has led you.

Quiet time is a necessary part of a Christian woman's day. This is non-optional and vital for a growing relationship with the Lord.

That said... I am a planner and I like to have a plan for my mornings when I'm expecting to have a wonderful visit with the Lord. I have to make lists when I finally get together with my dear friend Tanya. Likewise I like to come to the Lord in an orderly way - praise, time in the Word, and prayer. I've already been talking about praise and music and I'll get back to blogging about that when I get a clear go-ahead from the Lord.

The idea I am about to share came from Elizabeth George in her book Life Management for Busy Women (excellent book, by the way). It is a Quiet Time Calendar and the idea is that you will fill in the box corresponding with the date each morning during your quiet time. The goal is that you will build a solid line through the months as you meet with the Lord, your very best friend, each morning.

I didn't want to copy it out of the book so I built my own to go in my new 1/2 size binder (purchased for $5 at Mardel). I'm sharing it with you here in Word format and PDF.

Printing on card-stock is ideal because you will (hopefully) be using this 365 times - let's be honest and realistic - 250? And if you happen to be thinking that you don't own 1/2 size paper, you just take your paper fold it in half, lick, fold, lick, tear - the old fashioned way. :)

This is all in conjunction with the Maximize Your Mornings Challenge that Kat just posted. And since I want to encourage you to maximize your mornings in the Word of God, I'm going to bed right now so that I can maximize mine. Night.

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My daily walk in His grace! said...

Morning Christine
If there is one thing I need more of, its morning quiet times. The best way to start the day. It always seems though when I plan it that way, something out of the ordinary happens and the day snowballs. Well, can't give up, ever. God bless, Tracy

Patti said...

Christine, is the idea that you just check off the box? Or that you fill in what you are going to do? I looked at the file thinking it was for putting passages, etc, but it looks like the boxes are very small so I'm wondering if they are checkboxes. Thanks for making this generally available.

Anonymous said...

Patti - you just fill in the box. See the paragraph about wanting to make a solid line. You could check it or pick your favorite color and fill in each box. That's why they are so small - so you don't have to color so much in the morning. Heehee.


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