Monday, May 4, 2009

More Collages

I'm slightly behind on my photography class, but I got my other 2 collages done for a total of 3 to answer the assignment: extreme closeups.

I changed Aiden's up a bit. I just didn't care for that middle picture. Didn't look like him really. The main face picture I have in there now isn't as sharp as I'd like but it's all I had out of about 10 of his face.

I love how the big kids collages came out!! How funny that I've had these pictures on my camera since the beginning of last week. We've just been pretty busy and caught up in other things.

I plan to do one of Brason and Landon as well. Gotta get a day of decent weather so I can get some light in the windows. I guess I could clean the windows! LOL

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Brandi said...

Love the collages of the older two!


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