Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Late Night Planning

I was talking to a friend tonight (she is also the pastor's wife) and told her that I hadn't been getting to bed on time, like we were both going to do! She asked what I was doing and I told her planning and thinking about school stuff. She said "and it all has to be done this week?" I replied with, "well, no, but I'm the kind of person that throws myself into something full force and when it's done I can relax." Facts are that my life doesn't allow me to throw myself completely into something until all the children are in bed. That's not a bad thing, of course, because that's the season of my life (and I really love it!!). So, what do I do? I stay up too late throwing myself into something. Take it easy Christine! Chill a little, relax now that you know the general framework and style that you are taking with your children and GET SOME SLEEP.

And while I was on the Simply Charlotte Mason forum, I read this (posted by Sonya Shafer):

"Do not sit up late preparing lessons; what you seem to gain in preparation you lose by tiredness next day." ~ Charlotte Mason (in The Story of Charlotte Mason)

Amen to that! Charlotte Mason was a real genius and she must have known the mothers and teachers very well!

And to that I bid you all a good night. :)

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Christine (alamama) said...

We are using some SCM too this coming school year! We'll have to compare notes!


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