Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, kinda sorta! I'm not designing papers and elements or building kits. But, I'm designing quick pages and eventually blog packs using Simply Susan Godfrey's designs. I'll be putting these things into her store and will earn profit when/(if? :D) they sell. I just finished up the last of the quick page set using Consider the Lilies kit and will be working on my TOU and packaging it this weekend.

Tomorrow we are going to purchased 2 more bookshelves and doing more switching around in the house. Eventually we will get it to where we want it. My computer will now be in my prayer room on a TV tray style thing and pretty much away from me during the day (this will be a good thing!).

I've been working on organizing our Keepers at Home group, which is going great.

Keeping up with pictures for Project 365 (and layouts, too!).

We were supposed to go camping this weekend, but with 3 straight days of cold rain, we are rescheduling for next weekend!

B will be 5 this month!!

I'm working through my Nikon D60 class, which is challenging and fun!

Lots of great and wonderful things going on around our home. Homeschooling is going great and we are steadily prodding through. We switched both bigs to Math U See and they are loving it and getting it! Yeah!

Had a wonderful REAL date with hubby tonight. We got a babysitter and everything!!! :D

Heading to bed!


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