Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog Project 365: Week 12

I think we are up to week 13, but I'm still working on week 12. A bit behind with our camping trip and other life stuff. But, I got this way cool new action and wanted to try it out. It's by WendyZine Scraps and it takes all 7 of your pictures and combines them into a format that is sized appropraiately for your blog.

So, here's mine:

I'll try to hit the high points of the week:

Sunday: Paige got her new rabbit cornflower on Saturday. We set the cage up and it was just funny where we had to place it.

Monday: Scouts and Costco

Tuesday: DHV for much of the day - Brason is playing teacher

Wednesday: DHV again for a few hours, church where Pete taught and filled in for Pastor Drake

Thursday: I went to DHV to take Christian, Aiden came along of course, I got to have some time shooting pictures and browing at Mardel, got ready for camping trip

Friday: Got to Atlantic State Park and set up camp, played around

Saturday: RELAXED around the campsite and went on a hike

Whine time: At this time, my freebie quick page has been downloaded 156 times! Wooohoo one would say - and I am! But, everyone that downloaded must have missed the part where I practically BEGGED for comments if they downloaded. Not one, not one, not one, did I mention NOT ONE comment - except the one where digi free told me they were posting my freebie.


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Latte-n-Libre said...

I am cracking up that the rabbit cage and all is in the house. Are you going to leave it there always??? Of course, coming from someone who at one time had 20 guinea pigs in the house who am I to question. We need some close ups of cornflower


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