Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our Learning and Teaching Styles

Well, I'm so blessed because God has revealed to me a way to truly hold on to Him. I had never really thought about my teaching/learning style before, but going through this book I have found out that I'm a lot of different things and my personality seems to stretch beyond the normal bounds! Haha! Anyone who knows me can attest! LOL

My oldest two children seem to be very different as well, different from me and each other - and this I know is going to be used to God's glory, because I'm starting to wonder how we managed so well for so long - only God! It also explains to me why at times I've been so frustrated with our curriculum choices and also so overwhelmed. In that overwhelmed state, I chose to go with curriculums that were totally not us at all, ending us back up at square one. Does anyone remember watching square one in junior high? You watched it every morning during first period for about 7 minutes - news, current events, etc. But I digress...

Realizing that I cannot in good concience, or probably with any legality, write out all of the characteristics of our learning, and my teaching, styles, I will be brief to give you a good idea.

I'm somewhere between a Perfect Paula and Sociable Sue, with a little Competent Carl thrown in. I like order and things neatly planned out ahead of time - for certain areas of my life. I like to follow a schedule (to a degree), but like to leave room for activities with friends. And apparently prefer to teach with a preplanned curricula (see previous post! ha!). I like to make long term plans and like to understand reasoning and logic behind ideas. Oh, and I like to be in control! Hahahahahahaha My dear hubby is nodding his head at that one. Have I mentioned lately how much the Lord has done in my heart in 13 years???

Apparently have this much of a diverse learning style can have it's benefits. It will help me to more easily handle my very different children.

C.13.B. is about 1/2 Perfect Paula (Paul!) and 1/2 Competent Carl. He loves order and schedules. Loves to plan out the day and would get up at the crack of dawn to do his schoolwork. One thing cracked me up and I will quote Cathy Duffy right here. She says, "They follow rules and respect authority, and they often feel it their duty to make sure everyone else does likewise." Amen! Hahaha He also loves to talk and has lots of ideas of his own, but has a hard time listening to others ideas.

P.9.G. is a very even cross between a Wiggly Willy (or Wilma!) and Sociable Sue. She often belts out in song and dance at the onset of any boredom. She loves reading though writing is not her strong suit. She loves creative endeavors, but has a very hard time cleaning up after herself - though after all these years of training is beginning to do so. She is wonderful in groups and thus loves to go on field trips and spend time gabbing after church. She's a hands on learner.

I just wanted to share where we are at. Funny thing is that I'm 1/2 way through chapter 4 and we've already gleaned a ton of information and things that I've never thought to check out. Amazing!!

What I really like about the book is that Mrs. Duffy has picked the top 100 curriculums after checking out so many on the market. Now, of course, there are new curriculums coming out every year, but I'm more reasurred that she has done some serious homework. She has several other books where she lists out EVERYTHING on the market by age. I think in this book she wanted to update everything and put more into splitting it up by learning style and educational philosophy. It's a really super book!

I'm actually going to bed early to read!! Check the time!!! Big P will fall over in his desk chair at the site of reading that. Love you honey!


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