Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Approaches to Learning Narrowed Down

As promised, I'm taking you on this journey with me. And I see someone is actually reading my blog! LOL Thanks ladies!!

The 100 Top Picks book has this really incredible chart that helps you to realize what your preferential approaches to education are for your children. I was so curious what it would say and how close it would actually hit for me. I was pleasantly surprised that it was really right on the money to what I thought. I'm always astounded at how those chart people figure this stuff out. I love excel, but when it comes to putting something like this together, I'm boggled - Cathy Duffy did it well!!

So, here are the results (along with some of my interpretation):

Traditional: *glad we homeschool*

Charlotte Mason: *love natural learning*

Classical: *love good/great books and lots of thinking*

Unit Study: *love field trips*

Unschooling: *love structure!!*

Independent Study: *love being with my children - all of them!*

Eclectic: *i think i need more structure than this provides*

Umbrella Program: *I'm a rebel? LOL nah!*

So, it looks like my preferred methods of education would be Charlotte Mason, Classical, and Unit Study. This is right in line with what I thought we believed about education. It makes me so glad that I'm the one doing the educating, as they wouldn't receive any of these types of instruction in public or private school.

I'm about to formulate my full philosophy of education, based on some other questions that Cathy Duffy asks in the book. Not sure if that will get done before this evening, though. I just stopped mid post to do a preschool activity with my boys and to pass out some cookies (of which I chose not to partake of. :I).


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