Friday, August 3, 2012

Organizing resolve & pics of my junk drawer

One of the big things I wanted to do not long after I had Jaron was to get organized. I know there is some sort of connection between grief and the need to feel in control of your surroundings. And in many ways I do believe this is true. I also know that this is a journey that I have been on for quite some time. Only the thing is that right now I am not pregnant or nursing anyone and I have a lot more energy to actually get it done.

I taught a class for our ladies day retreat at church, Simple Organizing Solutions, on July 14. It was a great time of preparation as these ideas were so fresh in my mind. I want to share on my blog the progress I am making as I go in hopes that it will inspire anyone reading this to start their own organizing journey.

I'm hoping that the ladies that were in my class will peek in here ever so often and continue to be motivated to put into practice some of those things I talked about in class.

For years I have been reading blogs, books, and more on organizing. Truly I do find the whole process a lot of fun, but I have trouble maintaining it. That changed when I took a class from Aby at Simplify 101. I also bought her Organizing 101 e-book and it has geared me up for major change - great change. One of the best things about Aby's classes and books are that she is not a "one size fits all" kind of gal. She helps you get to the deeper issues and see how you work and think.

She also encourages you to make an organizing mission statement - a goal statement of sorts. The entire process is explained in her ebook. Here's mine, so that you can get an idea:

"I feel serene, light, and composed in our home where there is a place for everything and everything is in its place since January 31, 2013. Our newly organized home enables me to have more relaxed fun and be a joyful wife and mother."
Aby breaks everything down into steps for you. As a person who "can't see the forest for the trees", that is very helpful to me. She encourages you to stop and do the steps necessary to move forward and she does it little baby steps so it is not overwhelming.

You will finish the book having completed one small project. I'm including before and after (above) pictures of my junk drawer turned supply drawer (renamed to be more appropriate for its intended purpose). It was a fun process that I have now applied to my littles closet (next post) and their toys (the post after that).

Using the book, you will also make a plan for organizing the rest of your home. It is really excellent! Though I'm certain that most people think I'm sooooo organized, they really don't know the half of it. Almost every area of my home needed a complete overhaul of organization and that is what intend to do before January 31,2013. I have a plan and am making it happen! It's interesting how organization breeds organization and routine breeds routine. Have you ever found that to be true?

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Brandi in TX said...

I So enjoyed taking this class and I have so enjoyed watching you tackle all of these projects. Hopefully after I finish going paperless, i too can get the rest of my house organized. I am happy to say I have maintained the master bathroom that I organized last fall : )


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