Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Routines

We are back from vacation - didn't even know we were gone, huh?! We went to Eureka Springs, Arkansas and then Branson, Missouri. It was a long vacation (10 days), but it was very busy and we (Big P and I) decided we wouldn't do a vacation like that again - so jam packed. We were both very exhausted afterward and we've had to actually get our children used a slower pace again.

I'm working on my Home Management Notebook again and so I needed to come up with some Summer Routines. When I posted about that on facebook, some friends asked me to share those. I thought the best place to do that was here in case some of my followers wanted to know what we were up to. I think we are actually going to take a summer this year. We always school year round, but will just be keeping up with math for the older ones and reading lessons for the 5 yo.

You'll notice that the children have "reminder cards" listed below. I'm going to post those in another post, because they are part of our Accountable Kids system - which we are loving. I thought this would be enough to get some mama's minds pumping. We have found that routines work much better here rather than a schedule. The difference? Instead of things set at a specific time, we just do them in order and have more of a "time block" for things. We try to have breakfast around 8, lunch around 12:30, and dinner around 5:30. Bed is 8:30 for littles and 9 for bigs. We just flow through the rest of the day within on those time frames.

Trying to keep things simple here is always a monumental task - but one I'm learning to enjoy very much!!

Summer Routines



Quiet time
Get ready
Breakfast in oven
Boys morning routine
Daily Cleaning

After Morning – After Noon:

Outside Play
Time w/ Big P
School w/ B5 (reading lessons) (L3’s nap)
School w/ Big Kids
Zone Project Time


Wii Fit
Pick Up
Boys to bed
Read Aloud
Big Kids to bed
Next day prep
Scrapbook or Sew
Call Big P

Big Kids


Quiet time
Morning Reminder cards

After Morning - After Noon:

“Extra” chore time
Afternoon Reminder cards
Project (Scouts or Keepers)


Evening Reminder cards

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Raye Ann said...

I like the routine. I like the time block idea. I was thinking about going that way myself. I get so down on myself we we don't get things done on time. Then I am always behind. I should be working on my Home Management Notebook.

Love YA!


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