Monday, May 26, 2008

Our vacation: Day 1

I wanted to post about the vacation that we just returned from. I'll probably only add a day at a time - for an 9 day vacation that may take me a while! LOL

Day 1 - we drove and drove, and drove, and DROVE some more!!!

When mapquest tells us that we will arrive somewhere in 7 hours and 58 minutes, we should just go ahead and plan for at least 10 hours. And that's about how long it took us. Actually, I think we made it in just under 12 hours! Hahahaha

We drove from Texas (northeast) to Eureka Springs, Arkansas via Oklahoma. We actually left the area (straight from the Walmart parking lot) around noon that first day. We arrived at the KOA in Eureka before midnight! Everyone was tired and we set up in the dark. Actually, Big P and the two oldest set up in the dark, while I sat in the car with the three youngest and tried to stay awake.

We are very thankful for our hardside RV, because it makes setting up so much easier and much less time consuming - a perfect thing when you are setting up camp 15 feet from your neighbor at midnight - with 5 children and a cranky mama! LOL

And, NO, we did not allow our 2 year old to sit without his carseat! LOL

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Latte-n-Libre said...

I wasn't thinking when I looked at that picture and I thought "Oh doesn't "b" look cute sitting there!" Then I read your comment about not letting a 2 yr old sit without a car seat and I realized duh and scrolled back up and realized it was "L". I am glad you got this time away with your family.


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